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Businesses of all sizes have profited from the software that our firm has to offer and either package will give your firm the edge it needs to remain competitive, and to simplify your day-to-day accounting tasks.

It is our goal to provide our customers with accounting Solutions, customised training, technical support and systems integration.


Payroll Solutions
Our systems are flexible to fit your needs. Depending on your pay period schedule. We'll customise a method for you to handle your payroll quickly and accurately.

Check Payment Solutions
Time saving
We can't change the tax laws but we can make sure your records are in order.  With excellent sorting and summarising facilities your trial balance would be easy to prepare, thus saving you valuable time, which in business translates into money!

Our Complete Accounting Packages
Also offered are complete accounting packages such as PeachTree Complete Accounting and Sage,  which offer you an integrated solution to all your business needs from sale to purchases and inventory control.

Customised Training
Training is offered , not only in the operation of the software solutions that we develop but also in 'commercially available' software used in the business environment.